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Group Outings

RDOG frequently offered group outings to dog-friendly places for their members and their guests. The outings were usually accessible to most and not too physically challenging.  Trails are usually not more than a mile or two. 

Feel free to go through them, you might find a place you would like to try...

Past outings  

  February 23rd - Dave Moore Nature Area
       Sorry you just missed this great outing.  Merry, Carrie, Tera, Kerrich,
       and Aila had a grand old time sniffing, swimming, and running along the
       paths.  Maybe we will see you next time!

  July 15th - Tanzanite Dog Park
       This dog park is with in a regional park and has not only a fenced dog   
       park but a big pond for doggie swimming.  Click here for a map.

  April 28th - Farmers Market in Davis.

  July 17th - South Yuba Independence Trail 

  July 11th - Rock Creek Trail (just past Nevada City on Highway 20)
       Even though it was hot in the valley, it was a cool 72 degrees on the trail. 
       Very shady and at least six spots for the dogs to stop off and dip their
       paws in the cool water.  Shasta, Tuppence, Ha'Penny, Roxi, Daisy, and
       Lucky had a great time!  Hope you can join us next time!


  February 28th  (Independence Trail near Nevada City)
       We had a great time walking this flat trail.  Alison came with Tera,
       Lou/Mickey came with Clancy and Gillian, Pat came with Sakari,
       Debbie/Sue came with Kobe, Mia & Kerrich, and Donna came with
       Lucky.  One of the highlights was access to the nearby creek with a
       swimming hole and waterfall.  Wheelchair accessible.

   Sierra Discovery Trail  July 12th 
        You just missed this great outing.  Twelve of us humans and eighteen
        dogs had a fun time walking around the one mile interpretive trail with
        trees, plants, and wading in the water.  

   Dave Moore Nature Area - Feb 21st
        Once again, another great outing.  This time eight humans and ten   
        dogs walked down the path and played in the river before going back up
        for lunch. 


   Gray Eagle Lodge  - September 15th - 18th
        The group just returned from this dog friendly place, where Roxi, Daisy,
        Kerrich, Palenque, Tera, Sakari, Tito, and Lucky had a fabulous time
        The cabins were relaxing, the food great, and much hiking and
        swimming was had by all.



   Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline - August 10th
        You missed it!  Palenque, Tito, 
        Sakari, Tera, Ellie, Casey, and
        Moby had the best time walking
        and romping at this wonderful park.



   Camping - Bear River Campground   May 28th - June 1st 
        You just missed it.  Palenque, Casey, Elsie, Roxi, Daisy    
        Duke, Levi, Tera, Sakari, Tito, Maggie, and Lucky had a
        sniffing good time at Bear River.  Maybe you'll join us next year.

  Camping - Bear River Group Campground - June 11-14

Empire Mine State Park - October 22nd
       Sorry you missed it.  After a picnic lunch, Palenque, Casey,
       Elsie, Roxi, Daisy Duke, and Lucky walked their owners
       though and around the lush grounds of the Empire Mine
       State Park.  We toured the miner owners former "cottage",
       water fountains, the mine shaft metal and blacksmith shops
       before returning home.  Catch us next time!

  Gray Eagle Lodge  - September 11th - 14th
       Clancy, Gillian, Molly, Palenque, Roxi, Daisy Duke, Lucky, 
       and their owners came home dog gone tired from all the fun
       in the mountains.  They had a great time swimming, hiking,
       and sniffing. It was so fun, we have already reserved for next
       Sept.  Look at the pictures; you'll want to join in on the fun.

  Camping at Bear River - August 7th - 11th 

  Pt. Isabel Dog Park - Palenque, Louie, Casey, Lucky, and
       Molly had a blast.  It was a cool 62 degrees, a welcome
       retreat from the heat.  After the dogs were good and tired
       from playing in the water and sniffing all around, they settled
       down for a nap while we had a fabulous dinner at Pasta
       Pomodor in El Cerrito.  Then it was back to the 100 degree
       heat of Sacramento.  See ya next year!

  Dave Moore Nature Area - February 25th
       Sorry, you missed it.  Clancy, Roxi, Daisy, Chase, Jagger,
       Molly, Ziggy, and Lucky had a blast! 

  Holiday Parade

  Camping at Bear River - August 29th - Sept. 1

Pt. Isabel Dog Park - July 24th
       Sorry you missed a dog gone fun trip.  After walking, sniffing,  
       and playing in the Bay water, the dogs rested while us
       humans enjoyed a great dinner at a local Mexican
       restaurant.  Then it was back to the heat of the Sacramento

  Dave Moore Nature Area - February 27th

  Golden Gate Kennel Club - January 30th

Holiday Parade - November 20th
      RDOG takes 1st place in the pet division!

Winery Tour - Napa Valley Area, October 24th
      Roxi, Levi, Bailey, Lucky, Kitty, and Molly didn't taste any
      wine, but they sure had a blast sniffing, and running around
      on the trails at Rustridge Winery.  Their human companions   
      had a great time barrel tasting new wine at Casa Nuestra,
      and at Rustridge we experienced that Lucky is not sure what  
      horses are all about!

Bear River Campground this past Aug 24th- 27th
      Levi, Riley, Molly, Roxi, Kobe, and Lucky had a blast. 

Pt. Isabel Dog Park  Sorry you missed it.  Jackson, Ziggy,  
     Molly, Sunny, Samantha, Myia, Asa, Jessie, Otis, and Lucky
     had a  blast.  We ate at a local Thai restaurant while the dogs
     all took a nap!

 Trip to Dave Moore Nature Area 
       Saturday, February 28th 2004

 Kobe, Roxi, Lucky, Momo, and Ziggy camped
      at Tunnel Mills Group Campground  just
      off Emigrant Gap.  Click the Tunnel Mills sign
      for pictures:

 Aug 2003  Bear River Group Campground

Snow Trip 2003  View video clips from that trip.






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